I've "retired" from offering inline lessons.

About Me

I came late to skating....I was 41 when I first started. I had been afraid for years. But the sight of people "flying" along a bridge in Central Park convinced me. I took lessons and now love to skate!

In 1997 I joined the National Skate Patrol here in Chicago. Among other things we give free basic stopping lessons on the lakefront path during the summer months.

In 2000 I was certified as a Level I instructor by the Instructor Certification Program which was associated with the International Inline Skating Association.  Now it is the Skate Instructors Association. 

About my lessons

I'm no longer taking on any students or giving any lessons. 


Preparing for your lesson

If you intend to buy, get a pair of skates that are comfortable for you. That is the single most important factor. Get protective gear. I urge a helmet, wrist guards, elbow and knee pads. If you rent skates, make sure you get all the gear as well.

If you own skates, wear them. Wear them at home as much as possible. If you are not comfortable doing this before the first lesson, do it after. It's less important that you roll around the house than it is that you build confidence standing and walking in them.

Do inner thigh exercises. Lay on your side and lift the leg touching the floor off the floor. Use weights or skates if you have them. Don't hurt, just work the muscles. These are the ones that will keep you standing while you skate.
Even though I won't get the chance to teach you, take a lesson. It's simply the best way to begin to experience this wonderful low-level flight.



International Inline Skating Association

Skate Instructors Association

I was certified by the
Skate Instructors Association

including info on weekly and monthly group skates


February? Miami? Skating? DUH !
My favorite annual skating event
The Great EsSkate
It's been replaced by Skater Migration

Maps, WebCams, Calenders, even a "virtual skate" of the lakefront....Andrew has it all and more at


Skating can be very consuming.
Check out how much so at

Skating can even be a great basis for travel !

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